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Urban Village

Urban Village is a project of Urban Living Solutions - the Largest Hong Kong Development In Cambodia

We Have The

Same Dream

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect home. Put your feet up in a comfy spacious condo with friendly neighbors who support and care for each other and a wealth of outdoor and green space to enjoy with everything close to the buzzing heart of Phnom Penh.


Come True

That’s why we have Urban Village– a stunning new apartment complex and retail hub, located less than 10 minutes from Independence Monument, the center of the Cambodia capital. By melding the warmth of traditional village life with the luxuries of modern living, our light-filled homes generate a sense of belonging and peace. The best bit? They won’t break the bank. Urban Village has been designed to combine quality with accessibility, in between Hun Sen Blvd and National Road #2 (South end of Norodom Blvd).

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Prestige Homes Cambodia was established and built its uniqueness, with a clear purpose of providing magnificent properties and unrivalled services, assuring that we can meet the demands and save much time and lots of resources for our clients through our experts with a broad network and diverse experiences in both local and international real estate market.

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Focused Living

Urban Village believes a close-knit community makes us all stronger and safer. We focus on building balanced environments where new friendship will flourish and grow. Our modern village is a space where you can live, work and play (even play a game of soccer). We see our Village as an urban oasis where friends and neighbors can make connections that last a lifetime. We’ve designed our shared spaces to emphasize connections- green spaces are places for children to play, restaurants are for dinner with family and drinks with friends. We create spaces for people to interact.

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Urban Village Facts

  • 830 Units (From 50-148 SQM)
  • Over 4,000 SQM, 45% of Green Space in Phase One.
  • More than 1,500 SQM space for everyday needs
  • More than 3000 SQM of retail space and community walk ways
  • Swimming Pool
  • Walking distance to Play Space Montessori School, a Dance School and Cambodia’s first Trampoline Park
  • Over 608 Car parking and 238 motorbike spaces

Factory Phnom Penh

  • 2,500+ SQM of office space
  • 450 SQM co-working space
  • 30,000+ SQM of creative open space
  • Wi-Fi connected greenspaces
  • Business event spaces and training rooms
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And More...

  • 3,300+ SQM of retail space and community walk ways
  • Soccer field, basketball goals, swimming pool and gym
  • Cambodia’s first trampoline park
  • Event spaces and concert venue
  • Montessori school
  • Dance school
  • The country’s largest skateboard park
Urban Village


Urban Village features 23 floor of residences in a range of sizes, so we have options for everyone. Each floor houses over 30 units with the roof areas home to larger penthouses. 12 elevators service every floor and walkways are 2 meters wide to ensure safety and make moving in easier.

Everything You Need Within

Walking Distance

We’ve designed Urban Village to take care of all your everyday needs, all within an easy walking distance. From a game of football or a game of tag with your children, buying fish and vegetables for dinner, or dropping off laundry, Urban Village has amenities to support your lifestyle. The community is also positioned next to Factory Phnom Penh, a site unlike anything in Cambodia. Residents have full access to this exciting new mixed-used technology and creative hub, which houses a co-working space, traditional offices, an accredited Montessori School, artist studios, food, drink and retail options as well as regular music, entertainment and educational activities. You may never need to leave.

Visit Factory Phnom Penh‘s website to know more.

Urban Village - Walking Distance


Urban Village offers a range of condo sizes, from 50 square meter starter homes to over 148 square meters for growing families, all designed to maximize usability.


Urban Village

Urban Village is a passion project between two unique developers who share a vision of providing a new alternative to Phnom Penh’s rapid urbanization. We believe urban living can be intelligently designed, provide the perfect home for a young family while also be fun and exciting outside of your condo. We want you to look forward to coming home, every day.

Urban Living Solutions (KH)

Urban Living Solutions (ULS) was established in 2016 by Kim “Leang” Kean with a focus on community-focused options for Cambodian Development. ULS brands itself as a lifestyle development firm. The focus is not only to build the next condo, but to look at the Cambodian landscape and ensure that projects benefit the people who live and work there. ULS is the lead developer on the Urban Village project managing the overall concept, master plan, architecture, interior design and management. Building off the success of Urban Loft in Phnom Penh’s Sen Sok neighborhood and conceptual development and build out of Factory Phnom Penh, ULS is working to make Urban Village unlike anything attempted in Phnom Penh’s rapidly growing real estate sector.

Goldframe Group (HK)

Goldfame Group was established in 1992 by Mr. C.K. Chan and is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices worldwide in China, Cambodia and Spain. Currently Goldfame Group is one of the top five global knitwear manufacturers. Goldfame Group is a multinational conglomerate with businesses in various sectors including insurance, financial institution, packaging, printing and forestry. It provides employment for over 30,000 people worldwide. Goldfame has also sponsored several charities and NGOs in Cambodia, helping to build roads and open schools. Goldfame is the lead financial investor on the Urban Hub project and heads up numerous parts in the operation. By teaming up with Urban Living Solutions, Goldfame’s vision is to create apartments that have a sense of place and belonging.

Harper Architecture & Design (AUS/TH)

Based in Bangkok since the early 1990s, Australian architect and keen surfer Peter Harper has designed a range of expressive projects in locations such as Thailand, the Maldives and Malaysia, as well as Cambodia’s Urban Loft, the ULS project in Sen Sok district of Phnom Penh. For Urban Village, Peter’s team focused on integrating ample greenspace and shared area to fuse community-oriented areas for the master plan. The individual condos were designed to maximize efficiency, with functional layouts that make sense for young families.

Cole Atelier (UK/KH)

Led by young disrupter David Cole, Atelier COLE focuses on innovative, responsive design solutions that champion local skills and traditional artistry in a modern context. His team has led on thinking through the small details that transform the walls into a true home. COLE is leading on all finishings and finalizing design from concept to execution. His office is located at Factory Phnom Penh, allowing for daily oversite of the project as it builds.

Urban Cambo Builders (KH)

Urban Cambo Builders (UCB) was founded in 2016 with a focus on quality construction using modern materials, techniques and management that just makes sense. Cambo Builders is the lead contractor on the Factory Development and Urban Village. UCB was also the lead contactor for Urban Loft, a combination of two twenty-story towers flanked by shophouses slated for completion in late 2018.

Urban Hub (KH)

Urban Hub is the management arm for both Urban Village and Factory Phnom Penh. In addition to managing the sales team, Urban Hub also oversees procurement and building oversight ensuring that the development meets quality and safety standards. As these projects come to completion, the company will transition into the day-to-day management arm of both projects, working with owners to maintain the site and oversee retail tenants

Oliver Ho & Associates (SG)

Oliver Ho & Associates is a leading quantity surveyor (QS) firm based in Singapore providing consulting services throughout Asia. OHA advises clients on all key areas of property development, from evaluating risk, cost, value to all areas of project management. For Urban Village, Oliver Ho & Associates are in charge of quantity surveying, reviewing construction drawings and tendering documents to ensure the project reaches the highest safety and quality standards.


Hong Kong-based CSA is one of the largest building consulting firms in the Asia Pacific region. CSA is part of the NV5 Group, which has over 2,500 global employees providing engineering and consulting services in all aspects of building construction. CSA embraces innovative technology, to meet international design standards while deploying a professional team to deliver consulting services throughout the world. CSA is the independent mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering (MEP) consultant for Urban Village.



Urban Village is set in the capital’s burgeoning Meanchey district (south of Norodom Boulevard) and lies within easy reach of Phnom Penh’s liveliest entertainment and business hubs. We’re strategically connected to the city-center via Hun Sen Boulevard, Street 271 and National Road Two. The restaurants, malls and shops of central Phnom Penh are less than 10 minutes away. Meanchey itself boasts Factory – a creative office hub that hosts regular events, as well as food and drink outlets – making the area an ideal base for all.


Urban Village Phase 2

Urban Village Phase 2

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The Location

Urban Village created a stunning new apartment  complex and retail hub, located less than 10 minutes from the Independence Monument, the center of Cambodia capital. By melding the warmth of traditional village life with the luxuries of modern living, Urban Village light-filled homes generate a sense of belonging and peace.

The best bit? You won’t break a bank

Urban Village project has been designed to combine quality with accessibility, in between Hun Sen Blvd and National Road #2 (South end of Norodom Blvd).

International School of Phnom Penh

Royal University of Law and Economics