Corporate Social Responsibility

Prestige Homes Cambodia always carries a strong sense of corporate social responsibility (“CSR”), giving back continuously to the community where it belongs. The company strives to initiate efforts and encourage its employees and others to share time, money, and support to social, environmental, and economic welfare campaigns that give reassuring and meaningful impacts to the world. At Prestige Homes Cambodia, there is a firm belief that making contributions to the development and success of the community is an indispensable essence of the company’s sustainable success. From advocating the tackling of environmental issues such as global warming and climate change to serving meals to senior citizens and providing support to orphans, Prestige Homes Cambodia takes all of these seriously and seeks to address initiatives to foster the betterment. Educating children on health and hygiene and instilling in them the concepts of environment preservation are truly cared, too. In addition, Prestige Homes Cambodia is a big fan and an active promoter of social equity, gender balance, human rights, and labor standards and working conditions, starting from within the company and spreading these practices to the community. Apart from creating and leading CSR campaigns in the local community in Cambodia, the top management of Prestige Homes Cambodia has also involved in various overseas charity events. These events are associated with the support for Parkinson’s disease patients; the Skip-A-Meal activity with a purpose of providing food and livelihood improvement assistance to vulnerable children and families, the inspiration for respecting and caring of the elderly and fostering harmonious relationship across generations, and the fund-raising project for supporting the homeless in the Republic of South Sudan. Other CSR deeds in which Prestige Homes’s Homes Cambodia’s top management has done include the support for teenagers with hearing impairment, the support for the disabled students, the support for children with incurable cancers, and more.